Part 2 of the Kitchen Cabinet Makeover….

What a week it has been!  We began Monday and finished (for the most part) on Saturday. The doors are still curing out in the garage – but once they are up we can honestly say:  DONE!

On to the rest of the steps.

STEP FOUR:  Degloss those sanded cabinets!

My husband did an amazing job sanding the finish off of all the doors, drawer fronts and cabinet boxes.  But just to make sure all varnish was off the doors so your paint will stick  – you must degloss!  We used the following – recommended to us by our local hardware store owner. What’s great about this product is that it is water based – easy to use – doesn’t smell horrible – and doesn’t require you to wait to prime.  It was $7.99 at our local store.  This is one of the easiest steps too 🙂

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Kitchen Cabinet Makeover Begins!

We’ve talked about it for four years.  Now it’s time for some action! (yay, I think?) After researching this topic and all the “how to’s” out there at length – we’ve taken the plunge and are diving right into this daunting, crazy project of painting our kitchen cabinets.

Our kitchen was all green (I really dislike green) counters and builders oak when we first arrived here four years ago.  I just found a photo from when we moved in on October 17, 2011

Kitchen beforekitch before

You’ll notice in the later photos that the counters have been replaced along with the sink, faucet and light fixtures.  We also added hardware to the doors/drawers.  The counters were replaced after a major PINTEREST FAIL!  (I painted them to make them look like faux granite – have you seen this on pinterest?? )

I have to say they looked beautiful….UNTIL.  But THAT is a post for another time…..let’s just say, they needed replacing after that disaster.  I will write that post….soon!  It’s actually sort of funny.  Sort of. Read more

After the Smoke Cleared

I LOVE to eat apple pie.  I HATE making them.  It’s time consuming.  It’s messy.  But, in the end it really is worth the effort.  Mostly.

Okay – first reason I don’t like making them.  Peeling apples.  Hence, my purchase of an apple corer-peeler-slicer doohickey!   I neglected to buy the much acclaimed Pampered Chef version and opted for the much less expensive one at my nearby home store…..well, you get what you pay for. Read more

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint + Dark Wax – on an Antique Sewing Machine


This beautiful vintage Sears & Roebuck sewing machine belonged to my dear grandma.  While the machine is still in lovely working condition – I hardly have time for sewing and I’m not good at in anyway.  The cabinet is pretty too – but not aging as gracefully as grandma did – so, Why not try some chalk paint and add some detail with a dark wax? Read more

This recipe has tons of pins on Pinterest…let’s find out why!


So many of you have seen this on Pinterest – but perhaps it looks a little different than mine??  You know the one – where the potatoes, chicken and green beans are lined up along side each other nice and neat – Nice and OCD?  I can say that – I’m accused of being OCD by my kids all the time.

Well, I’ve made this a couple of times now and thought I’d throw my two cents in.  For what it’s worth. Read more

Carpool Conversations

My youngest who is 9 years old and in 4th grade had far too much homework last night.  It was Monday, she was tired.  She was discouraged.  Math is not her friend.  But we got through it all just in time for a story and bed.  Normally, she heads out the door with her daddy – since he’s the head administrator at her school.  She likes to hang out in his office before heading to class.  But she was so tired and I was off work today – so I promised her I would drive her in later so she could sleep an extra half hour. Read more

Spray Painted Dresser

I’ve been painting (um, maybe experimenting on) furniture for a long time. I’ve used latex, oil-based, chalk, and spray paint. Depending on the piece of furniture and it’s construction – some are better than others – all have pros/cons.  But spray paint is by far, the easiest, cheapest and most versatile of all!

Today, I want to show you one of my favorite “Craigslist” finds. It’s a very large 9-drawer dresser made by Drexel Heritage Furniture.  A beautiful solid-wood beast with dove-tail drawers and really cool details. But, when I purchased it – the finish was a very outdated medium brown finish that didn’t match a thing we owned.

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