So, I had heard all the hoopla about chalk paint on the web and mostly through Pinterest (my husband calls it “sinterest” – because it costs him money every time I find a new idea there apparently)  It wasn’t until my older, wiser, sister used it and I saw first hand the results that I was willing to lay out some serious cash to purchase it.

She painted a bedroom set for her son’s room and it came out fantastic – so, armed with her knowledge and experience and her left-over Annie Sloan wax and the brushes to apply it with – I headed home to Indianapolis to try it out.  My initial thought was to use it on the builder-grade oak cabinets in our kitchen (which I have no liking for whatsoever!).  So, I decided to head to a really swank shop on the north side to purchase ASCP in the colors I desired:  Old White, Robin’s Egg Blue and French Linen (NO!  they are not all going on the kitchen cabinets….I was planning ahead for other projects as well because it was on sale that day!).  If you’re near the Indianapolis area – head to ReStyled – super cute shop and super nice people to help you figure out what you need!

I decided to practice on some smaller pieces first before tackling a huge kitchen cabinet job.  My first piece was an old chair I picked up at the local Goodwill for $10.  Here it is in it’s original state:


This poor chair, it has good bones, but that hideous vinyl cushion…..has to go!!  So, I chose ASCP in French Linen – and they say – you don’t have to sand/prime before application – Yippee!  So, here goes the first coat.  I did use two coats and when that was completely dry, I went over the entire finish with the ASCP Dark wax and buffed it to a nice sheen with steel wool.  Then I removed the ugly cushion and wrapped new fabric around it using my hubbys’s handy-dandy staple gun.  I think it turned out lovely! The finish is really smooth.  Buffing the piece after applying the wax is a definite must as well and gives it a “factory finish” feel.


For information on colors, techniques and “where to buy” Annie Sloan Chalk paint in your area – visit the site below.  I did a lot of reading and read lots of reviews in addition to helpful hints from my sister before using this product and it was great on this piece and the next…..but not so great on oak cabinets.  But I’ll save that for another post!


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