So, I had this really cute rug that I purchased at Home Goods a year or so ago.  I used it in my kitchen in front of the sink and Oh Boy!  After a while it didn’t look so cute anymore….it seemed to absorb everything that fell, dropped or spilled by the sink.  And of course – this is the sort of rug you can’t throw in the wash machine.

It was soon relegated to the camping gear – and became the “welcome mat” to our tent!  Who cares when you’re camping how dirty a rug gets – as long as there’s a place to park the shoes before everyone traipses through the tent!  Finally, after a few camp-outs, I decided it needed to go – in the trash.  But wait!  Didn’t I read somewhere on Pinterest you could PAINT A RUG????  Why not.  I had nothing to lose – and plenty of paint sitting idly on my garage shelves…..

So, after perusing many a Pinterest post on “painted rugs” I decided to go with a striped rug with a monogram in the center.  I was already into painting before I thought “Aha!  I should take pictures.”  And so, here is a somewhat before and after photo of the once doomed rug:

My “almost before” photo.  First I got out the vacuum and sucked up as much dirt off of it that I could.  Then I got out my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Duck Egg Blue and painted the entire thing.  Please note:  This is a very hard rug with a very tight weave and so the paint covered it very easily.


After painting the entire rug blue – I got out a pencil and marked stripes every 5 inches and used painter’s tape to tape them off and painted every other stripe with Annie Sloan Chalk paint in Old White.  After the stripes were completely dry I found a large bowl and centered it on the rug and traced around with a pencil and painted the circle in Old White as well.  I found a “T” monogram online and cut it out and traced it inside the center of the circle.   I used a Black Sharpie to outline the circle and fill in my “T” monogram design and Ta-Da!  Almost done!

My last step – since I decided my “new rug” was going to go out into my screen porch – was to polyurethane it.  I added a couple of coats of poly so that I can wipe it down if needed.

Here’s the finished product lying on my craft table in the garage.  Now that old rug is something useful once again!



2 thoughts on “DIY Painted Rug

    1. Thanks so much! Thanks for stopping by! I just searched through images for “Painted Rug” and “Monograms” on google for inspiration. Glad you like it!


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