My first experience with “Mexican Street Corn” was in Nashville TN at Mas Tacos during a weekend trip there with my two sisters and my mom.  Mas Tacos is a former “food truck” turned really popular place to eat in Nashville!

If you are ever in Nashville – you have to try it – you can find Mas Tacos on Facebook.

Here are some of the fantastic foods we tried:

mas tacos 2 mas tacos

So, I love Mexican food – and so far – this is my favorite place to eat it.  But how to enjoy at home?  Well,  we all loved the Mexican Street Corn – so let’s start there:

I adapted this recipe to try to make it taste as yummy as Mas Tacos version:

The SECRET to Mexican street corn; however is in the Cheese!  Use this recipe, but you MUST substitute finely grated Cotija cheese in place of the parmesan cheese.  Also, once the corn is roasted – cut up a fresh lime and squeeze fresh lime juice on it – just like they do at Mas Tacos.

We made it last night and please note – it took nearly twice as long to roast then what the recipe calls for.  I roasted it 10 minutes, checked it and roasted another 20 more…..depends on how “roasted” you prefer.   I mixed up the mayo and seasonings and brushed onto the corn with a basting brush – then wrapped in foil and popped it in the oven!  It is so good – My 16 year old daughter has vowed to never eat corn on the cob any other way than this!!



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