Living Room before

The day we moved in – this is what it looked like (four years ago).  A few weeks ago – it looked like this again (Yes, I am embarrassed to say – that other than one large clock over the sofa and a mirror by the front door – the walls were still empty!)

So, a few weeks ago I hired Mr. Carpet Guy to machine stretch our carpet to rid us of the unsightly ripples that threatened our safety as we walked across.

Dear furniture/Dear hubby,

While you were out……I got the bright idea of doing a gallery wall….about time we hung something on our bare walls and pretended we lived here!

I looked at all these great Pinterest gallery wall ideas and marveled at those who cut out paper in the exact shape/size of their hanging and taped it all on the wall first so they could smartly  judge their layout….Well, I’m not that ambitious and besides – I couldn’t find any paper large enough to do the job!  SO…..I WINGED IT.  Yes, I did – hammer, nails, picture hanging kits and ALL.

Well, this is how it turned out – not even an errant nail hole to be repaired (sheer luck, people).  Okay – I did lay it out on the floor first since I had ALL THAT EMPTY SPACE SINCE THE FURNITURE WAS SHOVED INTO THE DINING ROOM but did not measure a thing.  I believe in “eye-balling” it…..

The funnest part of it all is not just that it includes some of my favorite family photos – but a few little somethings that were given to me by several family members and friends.  Each piece has special meaning…okay, maybe not the circular mirror I bought at Goodwill….we don’t have a history, but everything else is special.  And even if it’s not perfect… makes me smile every time I walk into this room 🙂




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