I LOVE spaghetti squash – especially in the Fall.  It’s healthy, low fat and easy to prepare.  I’ve been looking for some new ways to prepare it and this week I tried a recipe that I discovered on Pinterest and it’s definitely a keeper!

You’ll find the entire recipe + instructions on this terrific website:


I typically modify most recipes, but made this exactly as directed.  I love being able to use fresh basil and fresh tomatoes that I grow in my own garden.  I made this for dinner as a main dish with toasted french bread on the side – it was a hit!

Once you oven roast your spaghetti squash whole – it will cut in half easily.  Then, simply use a fork to pull out the seeds – then scrape the squash out of the shell.  It does resemble spaghetti as you do this!  Toss it all together as directed and assemble in your casserole dish and bake!  I used freshly grated parmesan in the casserole and sprinkled extra cheese and extra chopped basil on top as well.


IMG_0132IMG_0136IMG_0140 IMG_0139IMG_0143


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