This beautiful vintage Sears & Roebuck sewing machine belonged to my dear grandma.  While the machine is still in lovely working condition – I hardly have time for sewing and I’m not good at in anyway.  The cabinet is pretty too – but not aging as gracefully as grandma did – so, Why not try some chalk paint and add some detail with a dark wax?

I had some left over Annie Sloan Chalk paint in Primer Red and also some of her dark wax.  I cleaned the piece thoroughly since it’s been out in the garage collecting webs and such and quickly got to work painting it.

Honestly, the first coat scared me.  It came out looking pink/mauve/80’s yuck!  It definitely needed a second coat to cover and develop into a beautiful deep crimson red.  After the second coat dried – I then applied the dark wax using the Annie Sloan wax brushes.  Apparently the way that I hold the brush is not something to copy!  I blistered a couple of fingers in the process as I worked the wax onto the piece.

I found this video on YouTube that shows how easy (or not) to apply the wax over your piece.  I’m kidding – It is easy – just a bit time consuming.  After the wax is applied to my liking – I then use steel wool to buff the entire piece to give it a nice sheen.

Finished!  Ta-Dah!  So instead of using it as a sewing machine – it now makes a nice accent table 🙂  Thanks Grandma!


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