I LOVE to eat apple pie.  I HATE making them.  It’s time consuming.  It’s messy.  But, in the end it really is worth the effort.  Mostly.

Okay – first reason I don’t like making them.  Peeling apples.  Hence, my purchase of an apple corer-peeler-slicer doohickey!   I neglected to buy the much acclaimed Pampered Chef version and opted for the much less expensive one at my nearby home store…..well, you get what you pay for.

And I got this!  A gadget that only sort of does the job it claims it was created to do (and a handle that came off – and a suction-thingy on the bottom that refuses to grip the counter top). This is why my family doesn’t get much in the way of apple pie, apple cobbler, applesauce…..Next time I will do this job the old fashioned way with a peeler and a knife!


So after I managed to use a regular peeler to get the left-behind skin off the 5 Granny Smith apples  – things were looking brighter.  OH – and this is where I tell you where I got my fantastic recipe – it is NOT original with me.  I did not want to make a traditional pie – as in an 8 or 9 inch round pie crust.   I have always wanted to try making  “flat apple pie”  because my husband raves about how good his Mom’s were and he needs wants them.  So, after perusing some recipes online, I landed on one of my favorite food blogger’s recipes:  Ree Drummond’s Flat Apple Pie with Perfect Pie Crust via the FoodNetwork.  Find it here:


This looked absolutely delish and easier (I think) than making a traditional pie…..well, it is for the most part, unless you’re me – I tend to make things harder than they should be…..like the apple peeling process for example.  Get a good corer-peeler-slicer is my advice (to myself, mostly).

Now follow the recipe and dump the pie filling into a large bowl and mix well.


I dare you not to eat any of that filling….I dare you.

After the filling is prepared, start making your crust.  One little secret I learned from my Grandma and my Mom who both made the BEST apple pies ever…..when a recipe for pie crust calls for “cold” water…..put ICE in it.  Yes, ICE!  This recipe calls for 5 tablespoons of cold water.  Trust me, cold water out of your tap isn’t cold enough – I put my water in a little bowl and add some ICE and scoop out my 5 Tbl.  This is KEY to light, flaky crust!!!


Then prepare the surface to roll out your pie crust on.  My crust did stick a bit as I rolled it out – so with the second crust I added more flour. I also spread flour all over my wooden rolling pin so it doesn’t stick to the crust:


The beauty of making a flat apple pie – your crust doesn’t have to be perfectly round – it’s going to have what Ree refers to as a “rustic” look.  Great!  I can’t make a pretty pie to save my life – so I’m all for RUSTIC!


After I rolled out both crusts I picked them up by rolling them onto the rolling pin and laid them on cookie sheets (turns out, this was not a good idea….more later).  Put half the filling on one crust – half on the other and fold up the edges 2-3 inches all around and pop in the oven until it’s done…..

Doesn’t it look amazing?  Smells so good too!  Oh Wait!  What IS that smell…..and all that smoke!


Duh.  I should know – after making tons of pies with my Mom as I was growing up, that apple pies like to boil over and leak all over the bottom of the oven (Mom’s did all the time – haha) Yeah.  So do these.  See that liquid seeping out the edges and running over!  Yes!  Hurray. I managed to smoke us all out of the kitchen for the 2nd time today!  (I over-roasted aparagus for dinner…yes, in olive oil.  It smoked BIG time, but HEY – not a total loss, the new chicken recipe I was trying out at the same time was the bomb!)


This is where Hubby runs in to save the day!  First, he throws open all the doors and turns on all the fans and prays the fire department isn’t on the way….


And then he lovingly scrapes MY mess off the bottom of the oven (we make such a great team!)


Lovely!  Self-Cleaning Cycle here we come….when we can go away while you do your dirty work.   But was it worth it?????

Resounding YES!!!  from the whole family.  So what?? a little spill in the oven that smokes and stinks??  We’re still alive and we all enjoyed sinking our teeth into the most delicious apple pie dessert – with the lightest, flakiest crust I have ever had and we were happy.  The end.



2 thoughts on “After the Smoke Cleared

  1. I often make these “flat” pies (I know there is a fancy name that I cannot, for the life of me, ever remember) using peaches. I never thought about using apples and will give it a try….cannot say I will make the pie crust, though, I generally opt to buy the Pillsbury pie crust that you roll out. Did I say, the pie looks delicious. Thanks for sharing!


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