What a week it has been!  We began Monday and finished (for the most part) on Saturday. The doors are still curing out in the garage – but once they are up we can honestly say:  DONE!

On to the rest of the steps.

STEP FOUR:  Degloss those sanded cabinets!

My husband did an amazing job sanding the finish off of all the doors, drawer fronts and cabinet boxes.  But just to make sure all varnish was off the doors so your paint will stick  – you must degloss!  We used the following – recommended to us by our local hardware store owner. What’s great about this product is that it is water based – easy to use – doesn’t smell horrible – and doesn’t require you to wait to prime.  It was $7.99 at our local store.  This is one of the easiest steps too 🙂


STEP FIVE:  Prime!

Now time to prime the wood.  We use Kilz Oil based primer to ensure they were sealed and ready for paint.  Oil-based primer is smelly and thick – so be sure you’re using a thin coat at first to cover.  The first coat is a little scary – but just keep at it until it’s nicely covered.  Use a quality brush specifically made for oil-based products:


STEP SIX:  Paint!!  (this is where you start to feel like you may actually finish this project in your lifetime)  We chose Sherwin Williams ProClassic – recommended by the pros and works in a sprayer!  The color is Extra White.  We chose this shade so it will be the same white as our appliances.


We purchased a Wagner paint sprayer at Lowe’s that was recommended by a contractor friend.  It was about $149 and worth every penny!  We sprayed the backs of the cabinets first – two coats.  Then flipped them over and painted the fronts with two coats – allowing them to dry in between each coat.  (check drying times on your paint cans – and remember temperature/humidity can affect that!)  We were very fortunate to have mild temps and low humidity the week we were doing this – so ours dried in about 4 hours!

We painted the cabinet boxes in the house by hand – touching spots up with a roller where needed for a smoother finish.  Oh Yeah!  And we also added an MDF molding to finish off the tops of the cabinets before we primed/painted them – we love how it makes them look more custom 🙂



STEP SEVEN: Clean up the mess and put everything back in your kitchen!


I’m so excited!  We are almost there.  All the painting is done. All the spots that needed a touch up are done.  Everything has been wiped down from the dust and I even re-organized some of my cabinets and got rid of a bunch of stuff we never use.  We are considering leaving a couple of the cabinets open.  We painted the doors anyway – just in case we change our minds about that.  Once everything is back in – then I’ll decide what to do with that…stay tuned!

So right now, we are letting the cabinet doors and drawer fronts cure really well before we put them back….I will post the final picture when that happens!



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