Hello!  Welcome to Glen Lake Road.  A journey of all things Family, Faith & Home.  My name is Stacie and I spent my early years living on “Glen Lake Road” in Northern Illinois.  My early childhood memories began there.  Learning about life, faith and the importance of family and home are all wrapped up in those memories.   I’ve moved many times since then and experienced many different part of the country – made friends –  made memories with my own family and have said many goodbyes along the way.  Glen Lake Road is a tribute to the foundations laid, the values planted and the faith that’s still growing and yet, has a long way to go!  Glen Lake Road is a tribute to simpler times and the relationships and memories worth cherishing.  So, thanks for joining me.  I hope your own journey brings you back to the basics and the realization of the really important things in life. And let’s not forget all the fun things too – like delicious food, family, celebrations, DIY Home projects and helping others along the path!   Let’s have fun on the journey together


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