Hello!  Welcome to Glen Lake Road

Glen Lake Road is the first place I remember as HOME – you know, that place you really feel like you belong?  We lived in a tiny ranch nestled in the sprawling suburbs of Northwest Chicago with a backyard bordering the fields and playgrounds next to my elementary school – and that’s really where all the memories began for me.

Since then, I’ve lived all over the country – from the breathtaking beauty of the Northwest – to the sweet-tea hospitality of the South and back to the crossroads of our country – and my home – the Midwest!  I’ve been married for 24 years to a really great guy who is an awesome dad and a career educator/school administrator.   We have 3 kiddos:  A son who is 20 and a junior in college working on his Bachelor’s + MBA at the same time; a sweet 16-year-old girl who is a lover of art and horses and a junior in high school; and our cute 4th grader who is 9 years old, plays violin and soccer and is crazy about pandas and dreams of going to China to take care of them!  I spent 16 years at home raising the kids and when the youngest started school I began working part-time outside the home.  Before kiddos – I graduated with a degree in Business & Human Resources management and have worked in the corporate and the non-profit world.  I have been helping others find jobs and write resumes for over 15 years as well and LOVE when one of my clients lands their dream job 🙂

I love to hang with my family, read, decorate, paint, work on stained glass mosaics, get involved in church, our kids schools, sports and other activities and just “be there” for them all.  I hope you enjoy looking around the site and I trust you’ll be encouraged along the way as well.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Stacie Ann


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