While you were out….

Living Room before

The day we moved in – this is what it looked like (four years ago).  A few weeks ago – it looked like this again (Yes, I am embarrassed to say – that other than one large clock over the sofa and a mirror by the front door – the walls were still empty!)

So, a few weeks ago I hired Mr. Carpet Guy to machine stretch our carpet to rid us of the unsightly ripples that threatened our safety as we walked across. Read more


Mexican Street Corn

My first experience with “Mexican Street Corn” was in Nashville TN at Mas Tacos during a weekend trip there with my two sisters and my mom.  Mas Tacos is a former “food truck” turned really popular place to eat in Nashville!

If you are ever in Nashville – you have to try it – you can find Mas Tacos on Facebook.

Here are some of the fantastic foods we tried:

mas tacos 2 mas tacos

Read more

Chalk Painted Chair

So, I had heard all the hoopla about chalk paint on the web and mostly through Pinterest (my husband calls it “sinterest” – because it costs him money every time I find a new idea there apparently)  It wasn’t until my older, wiser, sister used it and I saw first hand the results that I was willing to lay out some serious cash to purchase it. Read more

DIY Painted Rug

So, I had this really cute rug that I purchased at Home Goods a year or so ago.  I used it in my kitchen in front of the sink and Oh Boy!  After a while it didn’t look so cute anymore….it seemed to absorb everything that fell, dropped or spilled by the sink.  And of course – this is the sort of rug you can’t throw in the wash machine.

It was soon relegated to the camping gear – and became the “welcome mat” to our tent!  Who cares when you’re camping how dirty a rug gets – as long as there’s a place to park the shoes before everyone traipses through the tent!  Finally, after a few camp-outs, I decided it needed to go – in the trash.  But wait!  Didn’t I read somewhere on Pinterest you could PAINT A RUG????  Why not.  I had nothing to lose – and plenty of paint sitting idly on my garage shelves….. Read more